December 2017 Slot 4 (Alphabetical Jigsaw) by The Lady and the Scamp

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid, jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

AGates identified at several social functions (11)
BDisqualify unfinished work from bynamed poet (5)
CNamed, going around embarrassed, but accepted (8)
DExcludes intimates carrying rarer blood group (6)
EFoliage’s left off overhang (5)
FFemale left out of rugby team for other alternatives (9)
GCheats unknown traveller (5)
HLanding place has rim in Cape (7)
ICome to a conclusion over rising fire (7)
JPlayful family gets runaround (6)
KExhausted King Derek is able to set out northwards (9)
LSpooner’s picnic was ineffective (6,5)
MIntellectual fellows converse endlessly (6)
NTribesmen giving in order that Indonesian returned (7)
ORequires too much from open cuts (9)
PAircraft circles vessel – it’s beyond chance! (4,4)
QOpening bowlers, coupled with unsafe surface! (9)
RHow to respond to let stand-by substitute? (7)
SGlutton interrupting person drinking too much from tap (6)
TWas sitting up before delirium state (8)
UTradition provides our group with maturity (5)
VOne behind person succeeding a queen (8)
WLoves being held in arms in romantic pursuits (7)
XIsolated times turned up synthetic resin (7)
YLess mature second person has bitterness, but not initially (7)
ZLife involving beheaded hero is coming to nought (7)

Copyright © 2017 ACC: Beverley Cockburn and Len Colgan.