February 2018 Slot 4 (Alphabetic Jigsaw) by Penobscot

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit. One definition will be found only in Collins.

AThe first (very small) half of this puzzle! (4)
BDemeanour on course (7)
COld English rebel carried lady on assault (9)
DIdealist author in dull surroundings (7)
EIs around but goes off-stage about the start of scene (6)
FStarting problem for Spooner buttering up a cricketer (4,7)
GHarsh grill (7)
HTherefore chook goes to church (5)
IWandering, tinier ant wandering (9)
JPanel in conversation on a Middle- Eastern community (5)
KKnot in tangled bulk yarn buy-out! (5)
LOutstanding event recorded in Ezekiel and Mark (8)
MMore sentimental Greek character hires criminal (7)
NTake bread either way (4)
OOwing to being prominent (11)
PPlay role for one Greek goddess (9)
QCalm down one of five taking in summer in France (7)
RConcerning member of religious order, spooks note ascetic (10)
SPositive and negative in relation to old maid (8)
TBid for wood, iron and mashie niblick? (5,5)
UOpponents in the objective? (2,3,4)
VIn the service of PM. Start of poem in funny verses (7)
WGet it in this to be sure! (7)
XPirate ships once returned reported Australian powder (6)
YPoet altered end in ferment (5)
ZTurkish policeman to destroy connection with hotel (7)