January 2018 Bonus 4

January 2018 Bonus 4 (Reverse Alphabetical Jigsaw) by Valkyrie

Solutions end with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

AAnimal stuffing was soft all round (5)
BMiddle Eastern allegory first lost the French? No! (4)
CFaithful are assembled – record with one hundred followers (9)
DDismissed newspaper editor extremely offended (8)
EAnimal team amended to accommodate an Englishman (7)
FSmall explosion hampered king's evidence (5)
GAn outer position, stabilising projection requires energy and length say (4,3)
HBond villain had grand leading lady replaced by church singer from Europe (9)
IHalf of cabinet, perhaps, used for clothing (4)
JOfficer is cut down, not one hospital in sight, crowd recoils (3,3)
KAll, bar this, depicts mundane reality of life? (7,4)
LOnly one person was affected as a result of late inclusion in urinal scheme (10)
MPruned nut found on road (7)
NSegregation speech underwent change of direction after one slur at the beginning (9)
OGame tip-off swindle (6)
PTo build too much e-love proved calamitous (11)
QDivorce perhaps in Iraq, a Latin reversion (5)
ROdysseus, over wandering, welcomed happy retirement (7)
SFruit juice popular with some of escorts (10)
TPulse starts from heart: accelerated rate indicates circumstances of tension (7)
USubmit gold presentation in an artistic manner (7)
VBowler, from Western end of Pakistan, lived to swing (5,3)
WProphesised warning was rejected (7)
XUtopia is going without drug? Bull! An absurdity! (7)
YCup year in trouble concerning finances (9)
ZExtreme characters were supporters for head stone (5)

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