November 2017 Slot 4 (Alphabetical Jigsaw) by Valkyrie

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

APromotion qualifier abridged with time (6)
BOne down in the dumps found behind broken-down cottage (8)
CEnact amendment following study into a confusing chain of events (13)
DDeny the truth of hell, a start to lawlessness by wicked (8)
EUnbounded hell encapsulates unnatural craving on a large scale (6)
FTricky, unfair clue mostly about a string (9)
GWorriedly evaluating removal of inlet tree (5)
HBuilding partner? (9)
IAt home I forsake yen for sin (8)
JJockey is primarily just a short horseman (6)
KWell-groomed English politician got into knot (5)
LSugar unfortunately loses value lacking tasty centre (9)
MOld-fashioned communications nearly all sound bad (8)
NCarol and love god turn up to game (8)
OStare impertinently at the face of girl wearing an expression of triumph (4)
PSomewhat over-the-top Sal Mineo song (5)
QPound sister with college gossip (8)
RQueen Eleanor changed name for son - one giving up in law (8)
SProvocatively secretive cover for drug team (6)
TTook in Model A pick-up and repaired end (8)
UFree Britain to incorporate no harbouring leaders of hostile organisations (6)
VMake public opening with one out of office (9)
WShe exposes the French bachelor after silent, dirty look (7-6)
XSay old short liturgy for celebration (4)
YYobbishness limits alpha males inside residences with offices (6)
ZHead of zoo gets piece of land with Yankee currency (5)

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