October 2017 Slot 4 (Alphabetical Jigsaw) by Bogeyman

Solutions begin with the given letter. Place them in the grid jigsaw-wise, where they fit.

ASurprises when around prison (6)
BFrustrated people in Y, perhaps, cabled me furiously, "No wind!" (8)
CGrasp end, inwardly, asserting ownership (8)
DBans badly behaved boarders, having no alternative (6)
EEncourages light meal but not browned bread (4,2)
FIron King, taking artisan, is in the manure (10)
GGod genus battered fish (8)
HAppropriate place to find wedding music written without two identical notes (6)
IYen change without direction (4)
JBeams at darling - is saint returning? (6)
KKnow food-yard at Derby site (8)
LHide mentioned blow-up bed (3,3)
MSon of Scots family has rubbish outer clothing (10)
NHeckling - "Want fish" (8)
OWord for grain - first of hybrids (4)
PLooking into a Chinese city, we hear (6)
QIn a sticky situation, paper holds short, regular get-together (8)
RLudicrous article included propensity to make greater (8)
SRascals succeeded with theatrical son (6)
TCame, say, without end (8)
UChemical group from ancient city with some molar latent heat (6)
VAct of confirming holiday, taking hat but not cold (10)
WWe had briefly heard of unwanted plant (4)
WAnimal opposite to BBE (4)
XLegendary place for unknown collection by the Dutch (6)
XAscertain gender of king coming back - Persian king! (6)
YCraft remain back in Switzerland? The complete reverse! (6)
ZElement of course from South Africa on quantity of game - big cat and leader of elephants (10)

Copyright © 2017 ACC: Ian Williams.