Gremlin Alert! August 2018 Slot 6 "Ton-up" by Hot and Cold

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Gremlin Alert! August 2018 Slot 6 "Ton-up" by Hot and Cold

Post by ianwilliams » Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:23 pm

Unfortunately those pesky beasts have been active in August’s Slot 6 puzzle. The solution to 22-across was intended to be SIMHUNA. An incorrect (but regrettably unchecked) source reference led us to that word instead of the correct title of the work. Not content with that, by an incredible coincidence another solution turned out to be the title of a number in another of the artist’s works. Thus the rubric, in identifying the artist and his works as appearing in 7 solutions, remains correct, although the clue for the unwittingly-included work includes a definition.

Our profound apologies for any headaches caused by these oversights. We suggest that, to simplify ACCOLADE adjudication, solvers insert SIMHUNA, but any answer matching the checked letters will be accepted as correct in 22-across from members who may not have been able to access this, or the e-mailed, correction. It is not necessary to identify the specific works to be eligible for the prize.

Hot and Cold

Ian Williams

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