DA 07/09/18

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DA 07/09/18

Post by zinzan » Fri Sep 07, 2018 9:18 am

Starting in the NW corner, it looked grim. No answers for a couple of minutes. 8dn was the FOI then it went clockwise from there until back to the NW where again it was slow. But it did fall out eventually.

1) FLAT CHAT : flat+chat
5) FJORDS : crypdef : a sound (think NZ's Milford) is a fjord. Good simple clue.
9) BAUHAUS : b(au,-ha-)us : with checking the translation . . .
10) STYGIAN : sty,gian- : of the infernal river Styx.
11) FREYA : hm(frayer) : but why a '?' for this one ? It's no weirder than many others.
12) SPOONBILL : spoon,bill
13) STRIKE A LIGHT : strike,alight : I guess as in 'strike out on one's own'.
17) HABERDASHERY : (by,her,a)* <> dasher : unfortunately the 'sprinter' made it obvious.
20) EGOMANIAC : (magic,one,a)* : good defn.
22,6dn) IRIAN JAYAN : Ir(Ian,jay)an : or is 'one man discovering'='I,-an' ? See, when you're a libertarian setter like DA, interpretations become very fuzzy and an extra word here and there is commonplace. So 'discovering' may be just 'sitting next to'. Which is why some solvers get irritated as consistency is largely non-existent.
23) TERRAIN : ----ter,rain : ie painter minus pain.
24) ORIFICE : ------or if ice-----
25) NODULE : -no-,elud- <
26) ASTERISK : -aste,risk

1) FOB OFF : F----o,boff-- : ie boffin minus in.
2) AMULET : a,mule,-----t
3,4) CHARACTER ASSASSINATION : ddef : a pencil rubber may obliterate a letter.
6) see 22ac
7) RAILINGS : ddef : to rail = to attack verbally.
8) SENILITY : (L------,yet,is,in)*
10) STONE THE CROWS : (test,on)*,HEC(row)S
14) LARVICIDE : (evil,acrid)* : meh.
15) THREATEN : threa-,ten
16) ABHORRED : AB,hm(horde) : ie Allan Border's two nicknames.
18) RIMINI : ri-,mini
19) ON DECK : on-,deck
21) AVAIL : a,hm(veil)

The last six clues were pretty dull. Until then it was going okay with a few nice definitions and ideas.
On the whole, it was a passable puzzle. 6.5/10.

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Re: DA 07/09/18

Post by Robespierre » Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:21 pm

13a STRIKE A LIGHT is an exclamation expressing surprise & thus a synonym of "Crikey".

22a, 6d I took the wordplay to be the 2nd of zinzan's alternatives. If it were the 1st, DA would presumably have simply clued "man" (= IAN), instead of "one man discovered". Also, "discovered" as an indicator to delete the initial letter is a standard device. Interpreting "discovered" as "sitting next to" strikes me as strained.

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Re: DA 07/09/18

Post by zinzan » Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:24 pm

re 13ac, I meant for the 'strike' part of the answer. But now I see it was simply as 'going on strike', so no such explanation needed.

re 22ac, I agree but with DA's stuff, who can say for sure ?

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Re: DA 07/09/18

Post by afrit » Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:16 pm

4 To describe a rubber's erasure as an assassination Is somewhat OTT even for DA. Assassinations are carried out by humans not inanimate objects.

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