DA Jan 11

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DA Jan 11

Post by Dr Bob » Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:16 pm

Clever theme: all across answers (except 16 which gives the theme) are some sort of “duck”

7 immerse Immense with n replaced by r
8 mallard Mal lard
10 Hunker down Anagram “now drunk he”
11 meat Sounds like “meet”(fitting)
12 Divers dd
14 submerge b.m.e in surge
16 Get all your ducks in a row Theme – be well prepared
19 sidestep Side step
21 canard An in card
23 nada Ram adan reversed
24 circumvent Anagram “unmetriccv”
26 Bob down Dock = bob: feathers = down
27 nothing Noting about h

1 immunise Mm in anagram of “uisine”
2 heckle Of heckle and jeckle fame
3 tsar Reversed in drastic
4 pain dd
5 flambeau Anagram “fume a lab”
6 erlang Contained in computer language
9 gobstoppers Go b(st)oppers
13 Split dd
I5 boric b.. o, r.. i. c..
17 adelaide A dialed< e
18 karenina A nine rak(e) reversed
22 navaho Have a no spoonerised
24 cowl Co w….l
25 upon dd

clever and straightforward 8/10

Dr Bob

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